On ExpressNews.com: San Antonio hires new director to lead the city's $200 million job training program The city is looking to contract with nonprofits to run Ready to Work. Initially, the city planned make the first-year program a pilot for Ready to Work, and it wanted to hire 63 employees to build a city department to run the program, for which voters approved the ⅛-cent sales tax in November. But after blowback from community activists , who claimed the program was becoming an unwieldy bureaucracy, the city opted to award contracts to nonprofits to run Ready to Work. The city is soliciting proposals for three parts of the training initiative: implementing the program, marketing it to residents and statistically evaluating how effective the training has been. The city will award the three contracts in December, said Michael Ramsey, who started this month as director of the Workforce Development office. “We want to compare our data to national norms,” Ramsey said. “We want to also have annual reports and quarterly updates so we can track our progress and pivot and make adjustments when necessary.” The city has budgeted roughly $65 million in sales tax revenue over four years for the Ready to Work contracts. Eligible participants — who must reside in San Antonio and have been “negatively affected financially” by the pandemic — will be able to enroll in Train for Jobs until Ready to Work starts. The beginning of the workforce training effort, championed by Mayor Ron Nirenberg, was marked by a glitchy computer system that prevented workers from signing up last year. And interest in the program hasn’t met the city’s expectations. Through mid-August, 467 residents had gone through the training program and landed jobs. Just over 3,000 people are enrolled in or have completed training. Last year, Nirenberg said the program would help 10,000 residents in the first year. That figure turned out to be overly ambitious for the nascent training program, which is overseen by city staffers, not workforce development experts. On ExpressNews.com: 'Too big to fail': San Antonio's fledgling job training program under scrutiny Earlier in the pandemic, city officials thought workers would be most interested in short-term training programs to quickly get new credentials or certifications and start working again. But more trainees than anticipated have sought longer-term training programs. “We had big projections. We didn’t know how many folks would be taking advantage of the long-term training versus the short-term,” said District 4 Councilwoman Adriana Rocha Garcia, who sits on several council committees overseeing the training program. “That’s probably where we miscalculated.” But awarding contracts to outside companies to run the program — instead of putting the city in charge of it — makes more sense, she said.


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Long weekend to bring sunshine, heavy traffic Light and quick moving traffic heads towards the Bay Bridge in Annapolis, Maryland on Saturday, Sept. 4, 2010. Labor Day weekend is expected to bring sunny weather, relatively cool temperatures, and heavy traffic to the north central area of the state this year. William Simpson, spokesman for the National Weather Service in Boston, said this morning that the weather would be “a nice change of pace from the last couple of days,” with Friday bringing mostly sun. The expected high temperature should be 70 degrees, which is “much cooler” than the normal high in the low 80s, he said. The sun and cool temperatures are expected to carry over into Saturday, which should have a high temperature in the low 80s, Simpson said. He said Sunday temperatures are expected to peak in the mid- or high 70s, and there is about a 50% chance of rain in the afternoon. Labor Day on Monday should be mostly sunny, Simpson said, with highs near 80 degrees. Gary Lessor of the Western Connecticut State University Weather Center made similar predictions, though he said the chance of showers on Sunday was 40%. He also said Labor Day temperatures could peak at 80 to 85 degrees. Amy Parmenter, spokeswoman for AAA, said Labor Day has become “trickier in terms of travel” because many schools now open beforehand, but she added that roads are still expected to be “extremely busy” throughout the weekend, “especially if previous holiday weekends this summer have been any indication.” She said experts expect that many people, who have already taken advantage of travel opportunities throughout this summer following a much quieter, pandemic-stricken 2020, will “try to get one last getaway.” The busiest travel times, Parmenter said, likely will be this afternoon and Friday afternoon, as “folks who are trying to get a jump on the holiday weekend mix with commuter traffic.” She said the same phenomenon is likely to occur on Monday afternoon and evening when people return from vacation. State police said they would conduct “roving DUI patrols” from midnight tonight through 11:59 p.m. on Monday. Troopers also will be patrolling waterways, state police said. Parmenter added that travelers should also be aware of federal guidelines and local COVID restrictions that vary from state to state and town to town. She said people should be aware of their routes and be prepared to abide by various guidelines in case their car breaks down or they have another emergency while they are in an area of high COVID transmission. “They would certainly want to be sure everyone in the vehicle could be masked in order to keep themselves and first responders, or whoever they call for help, safe,” she said. For updates and coverage of Vernon and Stafford, follow Anthony Branciforte on Twitter: @ABranciforte_JI , Facebook: Reporter Anthony Branciforte , and Instagram: @JI_Anthony1 .